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How to Convert Better with Tight Pinch Points

Sometimes when you’re looking at things from the 10,000 foot view, you need simple words to describe complex processes The Know-Like-Trust paradigm provides them, but when we’re down in the nitty gritty of developing marketing strategies, we need to remember that Know-Like-Trust is just a simplified version of the Buyer’s Journey.

Do You Want to be Boring?

Your marketing content—your home page, about page, landing pages, and blog posts—is not a tire change. It might not be the Chevy rebuild, but it requires job-specific knowledge that most people who are “good with words” just don’t have.

Story is the Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Story is the Most Powerful Force in the Universe Think about the most important decision you ever made. Personal, professional, whatever. Got it? Now let me ask you this. Did you make that decision because you analyzed all the facts and figures, balanced the probabilities, and picked the optimal choice? Or did you make that […]