making money online is hard

That’s not news to you, of course. You’ve put in the effort to make a great product or offer an oustanding service. You’ve produced a long string of remarkably useful content that provides real value to your audience. You’ve built that audience from zero to something that’s really substantial. You’ve built a mailing list. You’ve done everything they tell you to do.

And you’re still not doing as well as you should.

The problem might be the way you’re presenting your offer. If it is, I can help.

make more money without more effort

Your landing page is where you present your offer and ask your audience to buy it. That makes your landing pages some of the most important pages on your site. Differences in your landing page–even small ones–can make enormous differences in your conversion rate.

If you’re not converting well, it’s worth taking a look at your landing page and asking if it’s really up to snuff. Is your offer clear? Do you make the benefit clear? Are you offering social proof?

If your landing page isn’t up to snuff, I can help you make more money without putting in additional effort. A professional landing page will convert better, potentially doubling or tripling your income–maybe more.

I’ll write your landing page

I’ll write your landing page for $199.99.

I’ll look at the language you use on your site and use similar language to present a clear offer with a clear benefit, and use all the psychological tricks of the copywriting trade to ethically increase conversions. 

the life you want is on the other side of a great landing page

You didn’t decide to put in all this work just for the fun of it. You did it so you could build a better life for yourself and your family. You want to pay off debts, save for retirement, or build an income that doesn’t rely on someone else deciding you’re employable.

All of that hinges on making real money, and the only way to do that is to convert your traffic into dollars. Likes, shares, and retweets can’t buy stuff.

Converting traffic into dollars is what landing pages do, so you can’t get that life without a great landing page. It’s just that simple.

I’m a Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer

I’ve studied with some of the best in the business and convinced them that my skills are up to snuff. It wasn’t easy.

To get certified, I had to write and publish a landing page. It had to use all the tricks of the trade without driving people away by sounding too salesy. It had to convince the experts that it would work in a real-life situation.

They think I can do it. You should too.

is it worth it?

Budgets are tight, especially with a side-hustle, or when you’re just starting out. $199.99 can feel like a huge expenditure. Heck, it can BE a huge expenditure.

But your landing page is how you make everything else pay off. All those hours you spent doing keyword research, writing blog posts, and coming up with stuff to put in a weekly e-mail newsletter, you did it so you’d get paid.

Improving your landing page is like giving yourself a raise. If you can do it by yourself, then by all means, do, but realize this. Landing pages are a very specific type of content with elements that aren’t involved in any other page on your site.

You can write a thousand great blog posts–or about pages, or home pages–and not have the skills to write a great landing page. It’s a separate skill based more in the psychology of selling than the art of copywriting. 

If you’re not a professional copywriter, you probably don’t have those skills. I do. And remember, your income scales with your conversion rate. Go from 2% to 6% and you triple your income with no additional work.

is your conversion rate dismal?

Facts, as they say, are stubborn things. You might think you wrote an excellent landing page, but does reality agree?

If your conversion rate is hovering around 1-2% or even lower, you could be doing better. If you can’t tell what should be improved, it’s time to call in a professional.

This is not an optimization service

Optimizing a funnel, or even a single landing page is something that takes experimentation, data, and a whole lot of time. This is not that. This is a one-time fix. It’s new text for your landing page. If you’re already converting reasonably well and you’re looking to optimize that performance, this isn’t for you.

do you want it or don’t you?

You started a business because you wanted a better life than your day job was providing. If you’re not doing as well as you thought, hoped, or need, you might not be right for this life. You might be better off going back to your day job, working to make someone else rich, and settling for a steady paycheck that’s dependent on someone else’s opinion of your work.

But if you were willing to do that before you exhausted every other option, you never would have started a business in the first place, would you?

Entrepreneurship is, in large part, about experimentation. You try this. You try that. Some of it works. Some of it doesn’t. You’ve tried putting together your own landing page. Why not try a pro?

Do it

If you tried to install a toilet and it didn’t work, you’d call in a pro wouldn’t you?

Running a side-hustle or solopreneurship doesn’t mean doing everything yourself, it means making good decisions that make the most of your limited resources. You’re going to be better off hiring a pro to do the writing so you can spend your time on the things only you can do.

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