Starting an Online Business Shouldn’t Make You Crazy

Deciding to open a side-hustle can be incredibly exciting. In the moment, you’re not thinking that you’re doing the responsible thing, or that there’s a ton of hard work in your future. You’re thinking that it feels good to create something big. You’re going to be a freelance rock star and turn this side-hustle into the first line of your obituary.

That’s a great moment, but I want you to stick it on the shelf and think of another moment—the one where you start to think about what kind of side-hustle you’re going to start.

It’s confusing, right? You want to start a side-hustle for all of those adult reasons—extra money, financial security, paying off student loans, maybe actually being able to buy a house at some point in your life—but now you’re faced with a vast open plain of possibility and it’s terrifying.

Somewhere out there is a business you’d be great at, but how do you know what it is? How do you avoid spending time and money—neither of which you have enough of—on something that’s a complete flop?

You need some direction. I can help.

Decision-Making is Stressful and Exhausting

Everyone tells you that you’re going to work harder on your business than you ever would have believed. What they don’t tell you is that you’re going to make more decisions than you could ever have imagined.

What’s your business called? What do you do? Who do you do it for? What’s your branding look like? What’s your site name? What fonts do you use? What colors? What kind of marketing are you looking at? What’s your logo going to be? Your tagline? Do you even need a logo and a tagline?

It can be a nightmare. There are approximately eleven billion decisions to be made when you start a business and they will all feel completely open-ended. You’ll feel like every one of those eleven billion decisions has twelve billion answers and if you don’t find the one right answer to every single one, your business is doomed.

Here’s the reality. Most of those decisions are only important if they remain unmade. As long as you make a few important decisions early on, you’ll have the clarity you need to make all those other decisions. With that clarity, you can instantly dismiss 99% of the possible answers because they just aren’t right. You’ll be able to focus on the ones that make sense and pick the one that makes the most sense.

Decision-making is stressful and exhausting, and there’s no such thing as extra time and energy. I can help you focus on the things that matter.

Three Questions and a Little Cheating

What if I told you three questions could help answer all those questions?

I hope you’d believe me because I mean every word. I want to send you a brief series of e-mails that go into these questions in more depth than fits here. In all, you’ll get five e-mails:

  1. The first one is the cheat. It asks a fourth question, but one you have to answer before you even consider asking the other three. Should you even do this?
  2. The second one asks what you love to do. Your side-hustle is going to require you to work when you don’t feel like working. If you don’t love it, you won’t do it.
  3. The third one asks what you’re good at. If you’re going to sell your skills, they’ve got to be pro.
  4. The fourth one asks what people will pay for. You can’t sell what nobody wants to buy.
  5. The fifth one is going to tie it all together and point you to further resources that can get you from your first idea to the day you open your doors.

This Isn’t a High-Priced Class

That fifth e-mail will include a brief sales pitch on a book I’ve written that I think will help you out, but the course itself is free. And it’s not for everyone.

If you already know exactly what your side-hustle is going to be, this isn’t for you. If you’re already running a business and looking for ways to drive it to profitability, this isn’t for you. If you’re already profitable and you’re looking to take your business over the top, you should have stopped reading four paragraphs ago.

But if you’ve had the idea of a side-hustle rattling around in your brain for a few weeks and you’d like to take the first concrete steps to making it real, this is for you.

If you’re sick and tired of working three jobs to make other people rich, this is for you.

If you wake up every morning and know there has to be something better, this might be what you’re looking for.

The First Step is Often the Most Important

There are millions of people in America dreaming of starting their own business right now. Most of them will never do it. Their dreams will remain unfulfilled, and their lives will remain as they are.

Dreams are ephemeral. New Year’s Resolutions are decisions, and you know how effective those are. Talking and dreaming and deciding will get you nowhere.

Acting is the only thing that works. You can’t cross the street without stepping off the curb, and you can’t change your life without doing something different. If a side-hustle is the change your life needs, here’s your invitation to take that first step.

Give me your best e-mail address, and I’ll give you the clarity you need.

p.s. If you decide later that you’re not interested, you can unsubscribe easily, or simply ignore the e-mails and I’ll never bother you again.