If you spend more than a few minutes reading about Content Marketing or the related field of Social Media Marketing, you’ll hear about visuals. The unfortunate reality is that if you want to get attention on social media, you’re going to need to produce visuals that go along with your content.

If like me, you have less artistic skill than a hamster, this can be a problem.

Enter Canva. is a web-based image manipulation platform that makes it relatively easy for even the artistically stunted to make marketing images.

The free version has a boatload of pre-designed templates for everything from Instagram posts to book covers that are customizable with colors, text, and a host of included stock art. If you prefer, you can upload your own images as well.

The paid version includes more templates, more stock art, the ability to upload custom fonts, and the ability to save fonts and colors in a branding template.

I use Canva to make just about every image you’ll ever see from me. The featured images on my blog posts and the quotes I post to social media are almost always made with Canva. It was one of the first services I bought for this business, and at $12.95 per month, it’s one of the easiest to justify.

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